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FREE DOWNLOAD – First Time Home Buyers Check List

By: Ryan Clunan

July 16, 2015

Thinking about buying your first home?

First time home buyers face an array of challenges when setting out to find a home. These experiences can be nerve-wracking, exciting and terrifying all wrapped into one. With the help of an educated agent and this guide, the process will be not only be simple, it will be fun! To help you demystify the process and get the most out of the purchase, we have examine what you will need to consider before you buy, what you can expect from the buying process itself, and some handy tips to make life easier after you purchase your first home.

In the following checklist you you will see the 11 easy steps needed to get into the home of your dreams. These topics are further explained in the full guide, which can be downloaded for your personal home buying experience below!


1. Figuring out how much you can afford. Pg. 2
2. Get pre-approved for a mortgage. Pg. 2
3. Determine what you want and need in a home. Pg. 2
4. Research your target neighborhoods. Pg. 2
5. Work with a buyer’s agent who knows the neighborhood. Pg. 3
6. Search for homes in the MLS and For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Pg. 3
7. Research each home you want to buy. Pg. 3
8. Make an offer and negotiate. Pg. 3
9. Finalize the deal. Pg. 4
10. Close the purchase. Pg. 4
11. Move In! Pg. 4
         Appendix Pg. 5 – 9


Find the home of your dreams today!

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