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You’ve Survived Moving Day, Now What…..

Steps to Get Your New Home Ready

The first 24 hours in a new apartment or home can make a huge difference in the rest of your time there. Following these simple steps can save you a great deal of stress down the road!

From cleaning to documentation to research, we have listed the necessary steps to a stress free move.

“Pre” Move

Document: Keep a record of all applications, payments, credit checks and other communication between yourself, your agent and your landlord. Even if you have to make a folder of iPhone pictures, be sure to keep them in a secure location. Chances are you may never need them, but in the event you do, you’ll be glad you have them.

Research: Check the local area for good, quick food. A great place to start is, YelpIt is inevitable you will work up an appetite and need to refuel throughout the process. Nothing can make a day more tense than a room full of hungry, overworked people. Other amenities such as a good bar or night spot can be a great way to end the process.

“Mid” Move:

Clean: Regardless if your new property has been cleaned or not, it is always best to start with a fresh wipe-down of everything. Most landlords and sellers will cut corners where you likely will not. They don’t need to worry about the spiders left in the corner, you will! Once you have access to the unit, start with a quick vacuum, mop and wipe down of all surfaces. This will save you countless hours cleaning behind, under and around furniture once it is in the house. Other, more drastic steps can be to hire exterminators or professional cleaning service a day ahead of your move to really ensure the deepest clean possible.

Inspect: If you plan to hire a moving service, be sure to document all of your items that will be transported, both before and after the move. Anything that seems out of place or not right, make sure to address it immediately. If you notice it 3 weeks down the road, chances are they won’t care in the slightest.

Unpacking: When you begin the unpacking process it is important to start with only your essentials first. This will differ from person to person, however towels, bed linens, toiletries and other essentials generally top everyones list. A few items of clothing a coffee maker and your favorite mug will generally make the first morning much smoother as well. Slowly begin to unpack additional items on an as-needed basis. Do not try to attack everything at once as you will certainly become overwhelmed. It is best to go room by room until you have completed everything.

Installations: If you are planning on adding any window treatments or curtains, it is recommend to get this done before the first night. Both for your security and comfort. In the event that the windows are left without anything, you do not want yourself, your family and your belongs open to the prying eyes or everyone passing by. Also, it may be a difficult adjustment for sleeping should you have the sun blasting in at the crack of dawn.

Make Your Bed: Before you really begin unpacking and settling in for the first evening in a new place, it is always best to make your bed as soon as possible. This will save you the hassle of looking for pillows, blankets, etc. after 15 hours or exhausting labor. Knowing you have a clean bed made for you at the end is a great treat!

“Post” Move:

Meet the Neighbors: This will differ for all people and locations, however it is sometimes a pleasant surprise to meet your neighbors and those around you. Whether a friendship will blossom or not, it sets the tone moving forward and will at least ensure that you know who should and shouldn’t not be around. On the contrary, you should also avoid noisy or disruptive parts of the move during the evening hours. You do not want to be the neighbor that keeps everyone up on your first night in.

Food & Sleep: Luckily you did your research before the move, so this step is easy. Hit the town for some drinks and apps and call it a night at your new home.

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